Slide 2 – Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Mr. Freddy Zental Weaver
Sexual Enlightenment – The Book
Slide 3 – Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Mr. Freddy Zental Weaver

Experience the Love and Intimacy You’ve Always Dreamed of!

Join us at TantraNova’s live workshops and online programs to learn how to expand joy, pleasure, and creativity in your life and relationships.

In a safe, respectful, and joyous (no nudity) environment, you will be introduced to cutting-edge principles and inspiring tantric practices that will bring deep love and intimacy into your life. Explore the wisdom of Tantra Yoga, also called the Yoga of Love, and feel intimately alive and in an ever present state of love.

Here is what you will get from attending:

  • Greater joy & pleasure
  • Deeper intimate connection
  • Feeling your creative spark
  • Experiencing lasting love
  • Fulfillment in all areas of your life
  • Enjoying sexual satisfaction
  • Tantric bliss

“Reconnecting with myself and my husband was delightful and renewing. I experienced a deep sense of being cared for and honored as a woman. The retreat allowed us to enjoy our love for each other on a whole new level.” Leanne, Mother & Homemaker

“This couples retreat opened for me new ways of connecting and listening to my wife resulting in a rekindled sense of joy and fulfillment. Consequently, experiencing greater happiness at home and in relationship with Leanne has had a direct impact on my leadership effectiveness and success in my business and with my management team.” Stefan, Managing Director

TantraNova Intimacy & Tantra workshops and programs, couples counseling and relationship coaching are available in: Chicago, United States and internationally, Online and  For CEOs & Spouses.

Wishing to prepare yourself for a life event with Dr. E and Freddy Z or unable to join them in person at this time, then do take advantage of their Home Study Course available as a 3-Disc Set or instant download and their revolutionary book on Sexual Enlightenment.

Sexual Enlightenment – The Book - Sexual Enlightenment - Lasting Fulfillment and Intimacy Barnes & Noble - Sexual Enlightenment - Lasting Fulfillment and Intimacy      

“In this guidebook for sexual awareness and enjoyment, the authors deliver narrative stories and explanations to help demystify sex and bring depth and meaning to readers’ sexual lives….An informed, dynamic exploration of sexual history and energy.” ~ Kirkus Review

Get a taste of the book by taking a look at this trailer: